Ambulating A Patient

Metacognative Reflection

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Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and dispositions in this badge will help you ambulate a patient safely and adequately.

Directions: Answer each of the questions below. 

- What were the goals of this badge?
What knowledge, new and/or old, did you use to achieve the goals of the badge?
- What did you learn about ambulating a patient that you did not know before doing the work?
- What was the most significant thing you learned?

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Metacognative Reflection

The goals of this badge were to ambulate a patient safely and correctly. With the help of previous knowledge, such as knowing that you need to frequently be asking the individual how they're feeling (dizzy or weak) I was able to achieve the goals of this badge. Something I learned about ambulating a patient, that I did not know before, was that you need to apply a gait belt to the patient in order to have a better girp, in case if anything unexpected occurs. I figured that as long as you're holding onto the patients arm, you'd be able to catch them if they were to fall but turns out that that's not enough because you don't have much to hold onto if you're trying to prevent a hard fall. One significant thing I learned throughout this whole process was that you have to be on high alert with all patient, whether they're deemed fall risk or not because sometimes even those that are 'stable' can have a near fall experiences. 
biancae About 4 years ago