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HL7 V3 RIM Specialist Public

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To qualify for this badge, you must first pass the HL7 V3 RIM Specialist Certification exam and receive a certificate of completion.

Required Evidence

HL7 V3 RIM Specialist Certification

Please list the following: (1.) Your full name as it appears on your certificate, (2.) Year of certification, and (3.) Country of residence during certification. More Info

Badge Overview

HL7 V3 RIM Badge Requirements

Having passed the HL7 Version 3 (V3) Reference Information Model (RIM) Specialist Certification exam demonstrates that the holder has the following:  
  1. Ability to read the RIM constructs
  2. Knowledge of its content
  3. Understanding its design and application  
An HL7 V3 RIM Specialist is familiar with the HL7 Version 3 RIM, model 2.36 as documented in V3 Normative Edition 2012, including section 1.7 of Data Types– Abstract Specification, Release 2 (the data types summary), and the value sets of the normative Code Systems (accessed via links in section 1.4.2).

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Ihor Andrukhiv


Badge awarded on 6/30/16

Iryna Roy


Badge awarded on 6/6/16

Jeff Brown


Badge awarded on 5/11/16

Jeff Brown


Badge awarded on 6/22/20

John Frazee


Badge awarded on 11/1/18

Kai Zhou


Badge awarded on 8/23/19

Kin Kei (Gary) Fung


Badge awarded on 5/11/16

Lochana Padmanabhan


Badge awarded on 5/9/16

Madhusudana Putta


Badge awarded on 6/25/18

Marwan Alsabri


Badge awarded on 6/25/18

Mathias Ghys


Badge awarded on 8/12/19

Ranvijay Kumar


Badge awarded on 6/14/19

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