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To qualify for this badge, you must first pass the HL7 V2 Control Specialist Certification exam and receive a certificate of completion.

Required Evidence

HL7 V2 Control Specialist Certification

Please list the following: (1.) Your full name as it appears on your certificate, (2.) Year of certification, and (3.) Country of residence during certification. More Info

Badge Overview

HL7 V2 Control Specialist Badge Requirements

Having passed the HL7 Version 2 (V2) Specialist Certification exam requires knowledge of all the following elements of HL7 Control:   
  1. Conceptual approach of HL7 (2.2-2.4) 
  2. HL7 Message Elements, Separators, and Lengths (2.5) 
  3. Construction and processing of HL7 messages (2.6-2.9, 2.11-2.12) 
  4. Special HL7 protocols (2.10) 
  5. Acknowledgment messages (2.13) 
  6. Message control segments (2.14) 
  7. HL7 data types and their uses (2.15, Chapter 2A)
  8. Conformance using message profiles (Chapter 2B) 
  9. Other issues (2.16-2.17)
An HL7 V2 Specialist is familiar with all the HL7 data types and their applications (Section 2.15 and Chapter 2A) – not just those used in a specific set of messages – and with all the segments defined in Chapter 2 of the Standard (Section 2.14).

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Aditya Joshi


Badge awarded on 5/27/16

Adrian Rodriguez Gonzalez


Badge awarded on 8/2/16

Akanksha Priya


Badge awarded on 6/14/19

Akash Deep Kasaodhan


Badge awarded on 11/5/19

Akash Patil


Badge awarded on 1/8/18

Alece Studtmann


Badge awarded on 8/20/18

Alejandro Cortizas García


Badge awarded on 6/14/19

Alejandro Sandín


Badge awarded on 1/17/17

Alexander Henket


Badge awarded on 5/11/16

Alyson Goodwin


Badge awarded on 10/16/17

Amadou Tall


Badge awarded on 6/27/20

Amanda Santander


Badge awarded on 9/22/17

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