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Teresa MacKinnon


Awarded badge on November 21, 2014

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Teresa moderated a session and chronicled extensive discussion of her experiences at #globaled14

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mi amiga nueva #Volunteer

I volunteered to moderate again this year at #globaled14. I have done this in the past, listing my languages but this time I was called upon to use my Spanish. I can get by in Spanish but learned it 30 years ago, prior to the ubiquitous use of technology we live and breathe today! I went into this room just a little nervous! I messaged the presenter Antonia Diaz and swiftly discovered that she spoke no English, anxiety level rose again but at least I thought I am comfortable with the Bb Collaborate room so I will use my webcam and do the best I can. Connecting with her over the webcam I could see she was outside in the Argentinian afternoon sunshine whilst I was staying up late in a rainy UK living room, I could hear crickets in the background!. Antonia was lovely, and very patient with me as I tried to explain that I needed her to upload a ppt not a .pps. I failed to explain the difference but managed to explain that if she sent me her slides I would upload. Once she saw they were there, showing her how to progress them was easy and we soon settled in to a very comfortable working partnership. Her presentation (I can understand more Spanish than I can produce) was very good and although I struggled at the emd to express my thanks I think she was happy and I felt I had made another new friend.
I shared the recording with my Spanish speaking colleagues the next day and they said I did well (they're also very kind!) it seems my Spanish has a French accent which is unsurprising perhaps but better than that, they listened to Antonia's presentation :) Here it is: