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My GEC Session on Authentic Assessment & Global Awareness. A week from today, 3 p.m., HERE:

Small f92083be03309ee8f9a88567b72ceb82 msromephhs Almost 5 years ago

#globaled15 The Refugee Story Circle is a student-initiated project under #Qatar Foundation International (QFI)

Small 787c3ac2f13b1e58f08b7454fc2457c9 mohamedomar Almost 5 years ago

wow! lovely session with #globaled15 participants from Virginia, Kansas, Krakow, and even the UK! Thanks for coming @makle1 #videoforall

Small 8e7b4e81643735c11719987d670e49f9 teresamac About 5 years ago

Looking forward to #edmodochat at 4pm PT today. #GlobalEd15 #EdmodoGCD @edmodo .

Small c762634f3abc8c80e7303910a58d6616 smberdaxagar About 5 years ago