2015 Global Collaboration Day Host

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Google Certified Trainer & Technology Integration Specialist with 17 years classroom experience.

audrak Over 5 years ago

School teachers led by Lin-lin in Taiwan, Reinhard Marx of Germany, Huy Tran in Japan and Shibu Balakrishnan of www.gramanikethan.org

sebastianpanaka Over 5 years ago

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asimpson910 Over 5 years ago

Web page with the instructions prepared for the event

bartjuan Over 5 years ago

A pic, playing the recording of a 44min session I hosted using the gotowebinar webtool on Sep. 17th on GCD.

marouane Over 5 years ago

An ebook made by a participant

moodlemuse Almost 6 years ago

recording and resourses available CC BY

teresamac Almost 6 years ago