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Find a tweet you find interesting from the hashtag #EdTechChat. Post the link to that tweet ( ... symbol on tweet, "copy link to tweet")

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Mehmet Keçeci on Twitter

EdTechChat #mkecheci #KececiModelCV #KMC
Small 0mk mieexpert4 mkececi Almost 2 years ago

This is fun!


Tony Vincent on Twitter

📝 When taking digital notes, how about using emojis as bullets to illustrate each item? #ties16 #edtechchat
Small 75307485c3a0233fe7733ba11a6180ad jamieturnage Over 2 years ago

A Design Thinking Approach to Working with Millenials


EdTechTeacher on Twitter

A Design Thinking Approach to Working with Millenials from @brholland & @askmsq
Small c765f54b700342b202187309ffb5276a ms_diaz Almost 3 years ago

I love this idea- Have older students teach a concept they are learning to younger students. Such powerful pedagogy! (Thanks @craigyen)


Craig Yen on Twitter

A6) Have students demonstrate they understand by teaching younger grades the concepts. #edtechchat
Small my 20avatar katdiver Almost 3 years ago
Small screen shot 2018 12 26 at 6.21.16 pm catherine Almost 3 years ago

Learning about using badges for teacher PD so I am always looking for badges to earn.


Christopher Tucker on Twitter

A3: Plan on rolling out more badges next year to give Ts choices in PD
Small image rwenner About 3 years ago

Love this tech-eeeee program!


Front Row Education on Twitter

We <3 emails like these: "Front Row has enabled me to differentiate my instruction with ease... Thank you, Front Row" #edtechchat #edchat
Small vintage retro women woman driver behind the wheel postcard ra72c900130614e3f968a8f482bb15500 vgbaq 8byvr 512 janaco About 3 years ago

Patricia Briscoe @drpbriscoe discusses technology and pedagogy.


Patricia Briscoe on Twitter

Technology & Pedagogy ... by @Andrea_NiagaraU #edu498 @NiagaraUniv ON #edtechchat #edtech
Small me 202 smoore About 3 years ago

How to clone yourself with QR codes!


Susan M. Bearden on Twitter

Clone Yourself with QR Codes #edtechchat #edtech via @tonyvincent
Small dsc 1973 thattechiegirl About 3 years ago

Recap on Twitter

Educators, welcome Recap to your classroom! Sign up for our beta today and be the first to try! #edtech #edtechchat
Small img 4504 citizensowls About 3 years ago

Kim Lepre on Twitter

Final day of #blendedlearning specialist training: all things #onenote #gettingtechy #mschat #edtechchat
Small 0e757567f1c5b48d46e6a19c81988609 mrslepre Almost 4 years ago

I like this one ;)


Mari Venturino on Twitter

Motivated by badges? Join my open @BadgeList group for technology training: #edtechchat #GettingTechy
Small caac8427016b0864ea04194220d930f2 wardjhs Almost 4 years ago