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Find an education-related hashtag that you have never used or explored before. Post the hashtag in the textbox and explain what the hashtag means.

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Hashtag (#): It is a code, sign, or icon that identifies a particular message, such as category, group, person, and so on, that allows us to quickly reach messages in this group.
Turkish: Bir mesajın hangi kategori, grup, kişi gibi belirli sınıflara ait olduğunu gösteren ve bu gruptaki mesajları hızlı bir şekilde ulaşmamızı sağlayan bir kod, işaret, simge tanımlamasıdır.
Small 0mk mieexpert4 mkececi About 2 years ago I love the ideas this teacher has!

I love the ideas this teacher has!
Small 75307485c3a0233fe7733ba11a6180ad jamieturnage Over 2 years ago

I found #sketchnote This Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth (queen of sketchnoting) was particularly interesting in light of this badge about using Twitter. 

I have been sketchnoting using @paper53 for a few months after a workshop with Jo Ann Fox. I did ot know there was a hashtag group. I will definitely add it to my columns in my Tweet Deck!
Small my 20avatar katdiver About 3 years ago

#WhyITeach impact students & passion

Small screen shot 2018 12 26 at 6.21.16 pm catherine About 3 years ago
Eduction Week chat hashtag--to follow posts from Education Week
Small c765f54b700342b202187309ffb5276a ms_diaz About 3 years ago

#capstone is a learning model where Ss research a topic of their choice, engage with debates, and write an in-depth paper about topic

Small image rwenner About 3 years ago
Small vintage retro women woman driver behind the wheel postcard ra72c900130614e3f968a8f482bb15500 vgbaq 8byvr 512 janaco Over 3 years ago
#studentsarepeople My whole teaching philosophy is about getting to know students at a personal level and the work they will then produce.... I think it is essential for teachers to build relationships with their students. Students need to feel loved and protected before they will perform at high levels for you.
Small me 202 smoore Over 3 years ago
#Satchat is a great example of the power of social media to improve education, and the benefit of expanding an educator's Personal Learning Network (PLN). The premise behind this Twitter chat/hashtag came about when Scott Rocco (@ScottRRocco) and I (@bcurrie5) connected on Twitter in February 2012. (
Small dsc 1973 thattechiegirl Over 3 years ago
#blendedlearning - online and in-person learning for our students.
Small img 4504 citizensowls Over 3 years ago
Small 0e757567f1c5b48d46e6a19c81988609 mrslepre Almost 4 years ago
I just found this one today: #periscopeteachers

Would love to explore educational used of periscope and I'm excited to find other like-minded teachers.
Small caac8427016b0864ea04194220d930f2 wardjhs Almost 4 years ago