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Future-Ready Teachers

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This is a free badge group for all teachers who subscribe to the notion that continuous improvement is good for kids. #futurereadyteacher

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Parent Engagement Lvl. 1 - Practitioner

Parent engagement starts with clear expectations. Create a communication guide for parents to get things off on the right foot.

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Parent Engagement Lvl. 2 - Pro

Weekly, personalized communication can reduce dropout rates by 41%. Earn this badge in as little as one minute per student per week.

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Parent Engagement Lvl. 3 - Paragon

Parent awareness of upcoming assignments is one of the most impactful forms of transparency. Post those future assignments!

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Seal of Authenticity

You don't just do projects for the sake of projects. Ask students to complete at least one assignment with immediate real-world application.

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Tweecher Lvl. 1 - Rookie

Congratulations; you're connected! This badge is awarded to any teacher who takes the leap and enters the Twitterverse.

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Tweecher Lvl. 2 - All-Star

Time to grow your personal learning network (PLN)! Connect with other teachers from your district, your state, and around the world.

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Tweecher Lvl. 3 - MVP

No more lurking - you're ready to join the conversation! Get involved in some edchats to win this badge.

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