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Michael Curtin


Awarded badge on February 5, 2020

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Great tools and use summaries

Hi Michael, your summaries look wonderful! Very interesting tools and projects.
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To qualify for this badge, please identify at least one resource for each of the following: video editing, podcasting, and student blogging (that's three total products or websites). More Info

3 digital media resources

Video editing: - Powtoon is a little different from traditional video editing because it allows you to make animated cartoon slideshows.  I used it recently to create a video for graduate school about the importance of hiring a diverse faculty to mirror the diversity of the school's student body.  You drag and drop characters and props into a timeline with scenes and then Powtoon sews it all together into a video.

Podcasting: - I have never created a podcast before and found podbean, which allows you to upload audio files and "package" them as podcast episodes.  It's very easy to use and allows you to upload and store up to 5 hours of audio for free.

Blogging: - This was an opportunity to re-discover this blogging site devoted exclusively for education.  I started using it to blog about 10 years ago but let it go after a year or two.  It's got all the standard Wordpress features and allows teachers to set up blogs for an entire class of students.