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Can you identify free, accessible, and safe digital media resources for students? If so, you've earned yourself a badge.


Kristin McRae


Awarded badge on September 24, 2018

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Awesome resources!

I was not familiar with Binumi, but can vouch for the other two based on personal experience. Both are much easier to learn and master than some of the alternatives, which goes a long way toward removing barriers to entry. Thanks for sharing!
Small photo kristin-mcrae About 2 years ago

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To qualify for this badge, please identify at least one resource for each of the following: video editing, podcasting, and student blogging (that's three total products or websites). More Info

My Picks

My pick for online video editing is Binumi (  This is an excellent video editing website for both teachers and students.  Two things set it apart from other editing sites.  Firstly, it has a library of more than three million videos, images, and audio files.  Secondly, students are able to upload their own videos in addition to Binumi's library of child-safe and copyright-friendly files.  Students are able to make completed videos private or public and can share with Binumi or via social media, including Youtube.  The site is mostly free but some options are only available for a paid subscription.  This site will work best for 4th through 12th grade.

For postcasing, I choose GarageBand.  Not only can you record voiceovers but you can also create interesting podcasts through the use of additional musical elements. It's easy to use and students love it.  This is recommended for grades 3 through 12.

Finally, for student blogging, I pick Edublogs.  This is a great tool because you can set up individual student accounts in a single blog.  This creates a community of bloggers.  You can also set up individual blogs for students, thus creating a student network.  This is also a great tool to use with parent communication of what is happening in the classroom.  The only drawback is that some pro features are only available through a paid subscription.