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Kari Shaffer


Awarded badge on September 1, 2017

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All great resources!

So glad you mentioned Audacity! Students generally love to podcast, especially once you show them how easy it is to do on their own. It's amazing to see how quickly even the quieter students can become comfortable when given a chance.
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To qualify for this badge, please identify at least one resource for each of the following: video editing, podcasting, and student blogging (that's three total products or websites). More Info

Audacity for Podcast Recording

Audacity is a great free software to use to record audio. I love that it is free and supported on both mac and windows. 
Students could use this at home or in class to record podcasts about books they've read, something interesting they have found about science or social studies or just chat about topics that interest them. 
They can share these with the teacher, their class, and their family.

This is my favorite blog site for students and has been for years. Whereas it used to be free, there is now a fee required for a teacher account. 
I love this site because it a safe way to teach and introduce students to the blogging world. 
Students love it as they feel empowered with their own space to share ideas and writing. 
The settings can be changed so that the audience is the whole school, just their class, one other class, or other schools across the nation. 
It is also supportive of google drive documents and very teacher/student friendly. We Video

Although it is not free, this is a great resource to get K-12 students interested and used to video editing. 
What I like about it is that it is user friendly, safe and in line with software that students will encounter as they grow older.