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Create your own group on Badge List and engage learners in meaningful tasks with the goal of deeper mastery.


Shannon Knapp


Awarded badge on October 1, 2018

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Starting off right

This is great, Shannon! It was extra exciting to see one of our badge designs featured. Here's hoping you can generate some strong internal interest in the program. Spread the badging love!
Small headshot shannonknapp About 2 years ago

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My very own group

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Create your own open group on for use by students or teachers. Once people join and start uploading their own evidence, share the link with us for your evidence. More Info

Our first step toward a digital badging system.

Badge List


Welcome to the North Syracuse Central Schools Badge List! This site is intended for NSCSD Staff and Students to earn digital badges.

A very meta reflection

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How has badging impacted learning in your experience? Would you recommend badging to other teachers? Share these and other reflections here. More Info

Digital Badging allows multiple pathways to gain and represent knowledge in the way that works best for the learner.

Digital Badging is very motivating and could encourage teachers to demonstrate areas of expertise.  Once a learner experiences the badging cycle, they may be motivated to create a student badge based on one of their current rubrics.  Digital Badging could supplement current staff PD and student assessment.