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What will you look further into to help your understanding to further implement or determine it isn't something you want to do.

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Create a Collaborative Google Doc with HyperDocs WITH PreTs Thank you #edumatch

As I "teach" my students, we will Create a Collaborative Google Doc with HyperDocs...As a way for the students to continue to connect with each other and to collect a toolbox or resources and ideas, I will have them work on an on-going semester long project of create a useful doc that they can take with them as they continue to build their own PLNs
Small myavatar luciabortz 11 months ago

I shared some resources.

I suggested some books and resources on the makerspace unit. 
I suggested this book
I also suggested these two activities 
Making your own stylus using old markers 
Doing the fortune telling fish activity

I am going to blog about my experience on ;
Small photo drterric 11 months ago