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Make a commitment to someone that you will work on this one thing via social media. Use the hashtag #edumatch

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@DrTerriC @spoyo @luciabortz #edumatch un #edcamp ops look promising for our PreTs Let's extend their PLNs thru OURS!

Small myavatar luciabortz 11 months ago

I blogged about my experiences.


#edumatch #edcamp how I spent my Saturday morning

So how does a nerdy ed tech professor spend her Saturday morning on August 5th. (before school starts).. Well she first goes to a garage sale, but then at 9am she participates in the Edumatch EdCamp. This is an online Edcamp that lasted from 10 to 12 eastern time and consisted of 3 sessions and an opening and closing.
Small photo drterric 11 months ago

My message to my student.

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Small photo drterric 11 months ago

I have already shared some links in a private message with my students.. I am also blogging about the day.

Small photo drterric 11 months ago