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@pNabbie @ireneamelia1 and #edumatch it's a community of caring and visionary educators. Do join in if you are interested!

Small e1faf13eb95af17a0e364c2119a0df00 mattfrat 11 months ago

#EDUMATCH #ECAMP Tweet & Talk 93: Authors Part 2 Sun, August 6, 7:00pm

Small photo nancy-swanson 11 months ago

New technology in a classroom is a great way to keep students engaged in what they are learning!! #EduMatch #edcamp

Small img 4730 katieneary 11 months ago

#Edcamp#Edumatch I picked up at least 3 suggested tools i feel I can explore for use in the upcoming term.

Small 9f74af0118b54781d818f813a33c6aaa vankamp 11 months ago

Will be using #edumatch with the PreTs I work with! Thank you for inspiration @DrTerriC Great op for extending our PLN

Small myavatar luciabortz 11 months ago

Great session on tech integration w @mrterborg @MsClassNSession @nancycswanson @edu_match thanks for sharing guys!…

Small photo cassie-reeder 11 months ago

Yes! Let's all stay connected. #EduMatch #educoach

Small fullsizerender msclassnsession 11 months ago

Looking forward to reconnecting with my new #Badgesummit friends from #edumatch at their #Edcamp this morning. Can…

Small photo drterric 11 months ago