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happenings at #CUE16

Small 14051590 1139250799453983 994156403985010823 n wesllen Almost 4 years ago

We are on the list!!!! I want to teach CS! @MtDiabloUSD @codeorg #mdusdrocks #cue16

Small amsterdamboat techieme Over 4 years ago

Some important words by @thebradmontague at #cue16 had me crying so many times ❤️ #kidpresident even more now

Small twitter tkwithmrso Over 4 years ago

@tomasmurray #cue16 "we need to realize that every child in our classroom and in our schools is someone else's world"

Small 0bbb7ff2426f4f7568d3d3233103c4c0 jeddetorres Over 4 years ago

Gamify learning... #cue16

Small browns2015 4 mrscharleybrown Over 4 years ago

What a cool session at CUE - 'YouTube Lessons That Will Leave You Thinking' #cue16 #cue2016

Small 970404 10153545154677945 5455016124820618618 n mrsdehatesang Over 4 years ago

Can I already vote for @mr_natividad_ for #leroysbigideas? Love the idea and would love to follow how it goes this year. #cue16

Small 0bab41e7424030468e81e344cf05d2d0 mrsinclair Over 4 years ago
Small vintage retro women woman driver behind the wheel postcard ra72c900130614e3f968a8f482bb15500 vgbaq 8byvr 512 janaco Over 4 years ago

Great session on @TED_ED @mitziselene @davidmiyashiro #cue16

Small image loethere Over 4 years ago

Thanks to our CUE Board & conference organizers for the lovely volunteer lunch. #cue16 #cue16 mdusdcue16 #feelingappreciated

Small image shaunahawes Over 4 years ago

#Cue16 thanks for great time-closed school brought whole staff-so much learning

Small image bbarreda Over 4 years ago

Closing session at #CUE16 @pearlsfiam

Small fb 20160226 12 56 15 saved picture nodnarbtuhcs Over 4 years ago