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Share a link to your presentation or list of resources. This could be a link to a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox, or a direct link to a Google Doc or slide deck.

All posted evidence is a professional development resource for risk taking teachers



Professional Development for Risk Taking Teachers
Small 94dc18b4b422f085d1e357157b7a890c joemarquez70 Over 4 years ago

Copy of Flipped PD Sub for your classroom

Google Docs

Copy of Flipped PD: How to Flip Your Sub Game Board

Create a template for your sub plans Example Sub Plan (Use whatever form works best for YOU!) *Turn into Classroom Include at least 2 hyperlinks in your sub plans and/or student directions. Include a screenshot in your sub plans. Add an idea to the Document: Helpful Information for S...
Small oneword ahall Almost 5 years ago

Here is the link

Google Docs

CUE16 Slidesdeck - An Hour of K-5 Foundational Computer Science

Setup Try some Puzzles And why is studying computer science important to our country? One good reason is this is where the jobs are. Here are [CLICK] national projections on STEM jobs in our country from the Bureau of Labor Statistics This ...
Small image loethere Almost 5 years ago

Gotta love 😊


Brandon Schut on Twitter

DigCit CUE Tip resources. Shout out to those that attended. #cue16
Small fb 20160226 12 56 15 saved picture nodnarbtuhcs Almost 5 years ago

Always present on ideas that you "OWN"! Share all your resources - we are all on the same team!

Google Docs

Copy of Creating, Implementing and Evaluating an Effective District-wide, Online Learning Program CUE 2016

Creating, Implementing and Evaluating an Effective District-wide, Online Learning Program Leverage your district's data to inform current practices, processes, and procedures to ensure that students succeed in an online setting and teachers have the resources they need to support them. http://bit...
Small image pusdmrspalmef Almost 5 years ago

Our notes from the unconference

Google Docs

PBL "Unconference"

Misty and Todd's "UnConference" on Reformulating the "traditional" classroom project for 21st Century Learners -Google Hangouts with kids of their state? -Museum walk with websites & state food (QR codes as links to Yelp sites for local restaurants that sell the food) - peer review google...
Small 825e756b117727562e98a34341c3d012 mistykluesner Almost 5 years ago


Google Docs

Get Students Authoring with Book Creator App

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Small 47b649f5414bfa27775224ce28caddc6 peerlessgreen Almost 5 years ago

It's all right here. #personalizedPD

Education, Leadership and 21st Century Pedagogy

Personalized Professional Learning

It's here! #CUE 16 and I'm looking forward to presenting the Future Gear of Personalizing Professional Learning. Click on the gears to learn more about creating a personalized approach to professional learning for your district. Interested in where to find Twitter chats, Blab conversations or blogs to follow?
Small 0e7508483bc4e5f91f429532b2289542 pgilders Almost 5 years ago

Google Docs

Maximize Internet Use-CUE 2016

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Small 07t t63r picmonkeyed edtechariflew Almost 5 years ago

My website where I host presentations and musings on Ed tech discoveries


Ms.A. Teaches Tech

Using technology to teach and learn...and have fun doing it! My name is Ms. Agbowo, you can call me Ms. A until you can pronounce ah-bo-wo. Ms. A's in-class infographic/avatar assignment, Fall 2013 I have serious Computer Love: I love all things technology because it's so cool to use something technical to do the same thing differently, sometimes faster sometimes not.
Small agbowo onyewuenyi headshot4 msagbowo Almost 5 years ago

Open Education Resources for Teachers and Learners

Google Docs

CUE16-OER for Teachers and Learners

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Small picture 201 otanpenny Almost 5 years ago

Can I Use That? Fair Use for the Remix Generation

Google Docs

Can I Use That? CUE 2016

Can I Use That? Creative Commons, Copyright & Fair Use for the Remix Generation Gail Desler - @GailDesler Jane Lofton - @jane_librarian Intro - each introduce JL -Intro Poll by hands, grade levels/teaching assignments GD -Poll on comfort levels - How confident are you in teaching about creative c...
Small f47da69fae2054aa332aacb6b6e4ccb9 janeflofton Almost 5 years ago