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Post a photo or short video from a #CUE16 social event. Host your evidence in the media site of your choice (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine, etc.). Social events include events such as affiliate meetings, SIG meetings, karaoke, film screening, etc.

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Pic from our group dinner last night!


Miriam Kim on Twitter

Rowland unified people are ready for a good meal after a day at CUE! #rusdedtech @_JulieMitchell_
Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 4 years ago

Marshmallow toasting at the street fair :)


Laurie Anastasio on Twitter

Marshmallow toasting last night at the street fair. #CUE16 @LishaBrunache @eHuebs
Small cropped 20picture mrsanastasio Over 4 years ago

Meeting folks from my PLN face-to-face at the Tweetup Thursday afternoon.


Rebekah Remkiewicz on Twitter

When people come out of the computer... #cue16 #notatcue
Small 12080330 10153594755348972 7027091216258434198 o remscience Over 4 years ago

GoNoodle Happy Hour


Room20 on Twitter

@GoNoodleRaffi happy hour
Small img 4504 citizensowls Over 4 years ago

CUE CTO dinner with Tom Torlakson


Lisa D. on Twitter

Great to be with tech leaders at the CUE CTO dinner with @TomTorlakson
Small img 5094 20 2 lisateachestech Over 4 years ago

Social event at Matchbox #guhsdtech


It was great to catch up with my old #guhsdtech folks! #ginormousmeatball #CUE16

See this Instagram photo by @mrwisley * 9 likes
Small uncle 20wisley mrwisley Over 4 years ago

Strengthening connections with district teachers over Mexican food and Irish music.


Nancy Minicozzi on Twitter

This opening section is awesome. We are not #cueless! Thank you @thebradmontague @iamkidpresident
Small 055aa59956092414e35aa03164701a3a coffeenancy Over 4 years ago

Meeting with @cscottsy in the #cuerockstar wing


judyblakeney on Twitter

@cscottsy and me in front of Elvis's jacket #cuerockstar #TOSAchat
Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 4 years ago

Caedchat live chat!


Mari Venturino on Twitter

@ImSoFluffyyyy participating in #caedchat LIVE!
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Over 4 years ago



Isaiah Olsen on Twitter

adobepost #TOSAchat #cue16
Small image isaiaholsen_edu Over 4 years ago

A photo of me and Doug Robertson after his session, just shooting the breeze as you do ;)

Keynote session with Brad Montague!


Carolyn Alexander on Twitter

Great way to start the morning- Keynote with @thebradmontague and friends "Huggers gonna hug"
Small image alexandertls Over 4 years ago