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Post a photo or short video from a #CUE16 social event. Host your evidence in the media site of your choice (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine, etc.). Social events include events such as affiliate meetings, SIG meetings, karaoke, film screening, etc.

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gathering to view our presentation session. Our names in Headlines!


Michelle Sciarillo on Twitter

Stoked! @AlexanderTLS @Kaitlyn_Fargo @castro_juanita @IanJMcLaren @WonderWorkshop @tickleapp
Small footer dave msciarillo Over 4 years ago

Joined a session on Twitter Chats and participated in #TOSAchat-- awesome!


Hans Tullmann  on Twitter

TOSAchat My name is Hans Tullmann from Shafter CA. Batman is the bomb!
Small 7aeb475e5dc03c4ccc535ccdd1f361ed htullmann Over 4 years ago

Great Session


Juanita Castro on Twitter

Great presentation Future Ready with @thomascmurray
Small image jcastro Over 4 years ago

Steampunk shark attack!


Coach Ben on Twitter

Shark Attack 2.0
Small image cogswell_ben Over 4 years ago

Making awesome people play sneaky cards. Did you get one?


Kelly Baker on Twitter

cue16 I'm making people play @sneaky cards. Who has the @jcorippo card?
Small 98659c8bba523f4dd14b23643db81ac4 msbaker62 Over 4 years ago

Maracas time

Small oorabvdk josephwclark Over 4 years ago

Waiting for the shuttle Hunger Games Style at the Riviera #cue16


Ready for #cue16 day 2

See this Instagram photo by @johnwick * 3 likes
Small johnemotiv johnwick Over 4 years ago

Lifelong friends


Tim Scholefield on Twitter

Annual selfie time with @wokwildside and @accidentaltech
Small image tscholefield Over 4 years ago

I am helping to host the CUE karaoke and KNOW that I will be so busy to post tonight - so here's my prepost to the social event!! :)


Lindsey Blass on Twitter

Don't forget to mark your sched for #CUE16 karaoke on Friday night! #connectedTL #TOSAchat
Small 8dacfe0544b4253bbea3dd41f7449280 ctolnai Over 4 years ago

Selfie 2


Roland Aichele on Twitter

PLN madness at #cue16! #connectedTL #TOSAchat
Small 6c85d3c7ef2eca449ff402c7144b3aee roland_aichele Over 4 years ago

Welcome session drinks with my team.

Small twitter jyothisoto Over 4 years ago

Day 2 started #cue16!


#cue16 Day 2! Excited to see @jcorippo mention #nlmusd!

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Small 983892a6a5c672de08584d7aa2f437e8 amcmath Over 4 years ago