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Post a photo or short video from a #CUE16 social event. Host your evidence in the media site of your choice (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine, etc.). Social events include events such as affiliate meetings, SIG meetings, karaoke, film screening, etc.

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I suppose you could call women using the rest room a "social event!" There never enough stalls and we all get to chatting with each other!


Penny Pearson on Twitter

The bane of all #conf. Women #gofast!
Small picture 201 otanpenny Over 4 years ago

What a joy to hang with all my heroes!


The moment when you meet your hero. Joyce Valenza, can I be you when I grow up?

See this Instagram photo by @jeweliannah * 2 likes
Small e670567010472ab1bff3a93ddf7f1037 jhedstrom Over 4 years ago

Cue karaoke in the hall at the Renaissance hotel. So much fun!


Jill Cavotta on Twitter

Karaoke loud and proud at
Small 2c61ca68d1063be2e2da7df893436263 jillyc Over 4 years ago

Got to meet a CUE Rock Star at the Central Valley CUE Meetup!


Gustavo Rojo on Twitter

Pleasantly surprised to find a @CUERockStar that works 20 minutes away in Exeter! @nallstedt #cue16 #CVCUE
Small image1 rojo5th Over 4 years ago

Meet up with North State CUE


Angie on Twitter

NorthStateCUE meet up! @Charlene_Know @deewakie
Small angie 20meme lovestoteach315 Over 4 years ago

Meeting up with GoGormative, Finally


Kerry Gilmore on Twitter

cue16 Finally met Kevin from @goformative @tiggrtch @JenRoberts1 Thanks for answering our questions!
Small 4b606a026a93d5a10225940b212bde95 tiggrtch Over 4 years ago

North State Cue rocks.


Rae Fearing on Twitter

I'm super stoked to be a member of the @NorthStateCUE affiliate.
Small image raefearing Over 4 years ago

Everything you need is at our booth 157!


KQED Education on Twitter

We got everything you need at booth 157
Small kqed education kqededspace Over 4 years ago

North State Cue is on the rise!!


Jenn Longrie on Twitter

The @NorthStateCUE Affiliate meeting is filled with awesome people! #CUE16
Small 126e02e2ba830993a9425f0c4883fbfc jennzilla Over 4 years ago



Reading Pusher on Twitter

San Diego is socializing at #CUE16!
Small f2e58bd4c67232503e888477c1bce8de readingpusher Over 4 years ago

My first networking event!


Linda McClure on Twitter

At the Tech Leaders Network
Small screen 20shot 202016 03 14 20at 207.54.11 20pm lmcclure Over 4 years ago

#cue16 Social time!