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Post a photo or short video from a #CUE16 social event. Host your evidence in the media site of your choice (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine, etc.). Social events include events such as affiliate meetings, SIG meetings, karaoke, film screening, etc.

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Board games in the Uncon room? Why not?


Rich Hovey on Twitter

Playing Pandemic with @BurtTeacher @gjflanker and @kkibteach. Anything goes in the #cueUNcon!
Small e2c01253640ce9d8d09a9cd42f876762 mrhovey Over 4 years ago

breakoutedu meetup


Ari Flewelling on Twitter

The #breakoutedu meet up is starting now! You can still join us! @breakoutEDU Thx @EdTechRuss for helping!
Small 07t t63r picmonkeyed edtechariflew Over 4 years ago

Hanging with my girl Mari before our CAPCue meeting!


melissa baldwin on Twitter

Headed to village pub for a capcue meet up! #cue16 #capcue #great2bwusd
Small ef66d5d04348cab3cb9f56778857110e melissabaldwin Over 4 years ago

Tech fail at a tech event?! Never!


Christine Monge on Twitter

cue16 Tech fail at CUE!
Small 22a81296617aa9e8531abdc47539327b christymonge Over 4 years ago

KQED rocking it at #cue16 karaoke.


Andrea Aust on Twitter

@BryceEberhart killing it at #CUE16 karaoke ...
Small kqed education kqededspace Over 4 years ago

KQED is ready for karaoke!


KQED Education on Twitter

We are off to #cue16 karaoke. Watch out teachers!
Small kqed education kqededspace Over 4 years ago

Gathered with friends waiting for our gold badge sticker.


Juanita Castro on Twitter

Waiting for my Golden Badge at #cue16 PD
Small image jcastro Over 4 years ago

New friends at the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Meet-Up at Harvey's at The Hilton after #cue16 3/18


Tammy Dunbar, M.Ed. on Twitter

At the #MIEExpert Meet-Up with the delightful duo of @KVazquez25 and @nikolina_rae
Small e2e4093d80902d93b8e4d94d8615e782 tammydunbar Over 4 years ago

Having fun at librarians' dinner


janelofton on Twitter

Great librarians' dinner at #cue16 with @joycevalenza (& trying out my new Google Photos Animation skills)
Small f47da69fae2054aa332aacb6b6e4ccb9 janeflofton Over 4 years ago

EBCUE affiliate meeting


Margaret Agbowo-Onye on Twitter

@ebcue Meetup at #cue16 iPhone's panorama shot won't
Small agbowo onyewuenyi headshot4 msagbowo Over 4 years ago

Last night hangout for CUE16 @ Renaissance Hotel

USD CUE dinner with one of our tech gurus!


Misty Kluesner on Twitter

Shameless selfie with @joeayala at the #usdlearns #cue16 social dinner so I can earn my blackout badge!
Small 825e756b117727562e98a34341c3d012 mistykluesner Over 4 years ago