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Here's my certificate from the TOSA Event!

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CUE Rockstar Mammoth: June 2016

Certificate link


I just realized my share settings needed adjusted, so I changed that. Please also note that I got married after receiving this certificate, so it reflects my previous last name (Lavia).
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Evidence of Rockstar badge


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Shared Album of My presentation on Robotics/Drones/Ollies/Sphero on Day 1 and 3D Printing Day 2 of CUE Rockstar Black Label Imperial County

Here is a link to my Rockstar certificate

Notification e-mail that I was a CUE Rock Star Teacher at Monterey CUERockStar Camp in June of 2014 Here is my notication of being a CUE Rock Star Teacher at Monterey CUE Rock Star Camp in June of 2014.  I do not have a certificate Here is the link
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