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Provide a link to a blog post about the conference. Share reflections as well as multimedia, resources, and ideas gleaned from the conference.

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Short post about #CUE15 and how the CUE annual conference is my favorite.

Coffee Nancy

CUE marks the spot

I have decided that, rather than follow my usual modis operandi [i.e. make myself crazy] and attempt to complete all the #youredustory prompts that I have missed, I am going to try something new. I am going to follow Elsa's advice and .
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I wrote a short posting sharing about my conference presentations and other activities and embedded a Storify story of my conference tweets


Jane Lofton's Adventures in School Libraryland: The #CUE15 Conference - Awesome!

I got home just 23 hours ago from the CUE 2015 Conference in Palm Springs. I believe it was the best CUE conference yet of the seven I have attended. I: Co-presented one session with Gail Desler on "Can I Use That? Fair Use for the Remix Generation.
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EduNerd blog. Here's my post about how to attend the conference virtually. For those of us unlucky enough to be #notatcue