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Piicture on Twitter from CUE


Jennifer Gabor on Twitter

Great job going with the flow, @ScottPadway! Outside learning.
Small 20c3c6337f16c43dfd387df882020431 jengabor Over 5 years ago

Rockin' form response sheets with @john_eick


Roland Aichele on Twitter

Even the view from the floor is engaging with @John_Eick
Small 6c85d3c7ef2eca449ff402c7144b3aee roland_aichele Over 5 years ago

I met David Theriault and Sam Patterson!


Mari Venturino on Twitter

And then I just met @davidtedu and @SamPatue at
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Over 5 years ago

How do you get your brand out to your parents?

Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

Packed session!!!


Julie Janzen on Twitter

It's a cluster in here!!! Everyone loves @jcorippo cause he is the greatest!!
Small d87a65ffa1c5392f214132d63207bb02 jjanzen Over 5 years ago

First #educrush meeting--The Weird Teacher!


Amanda Haughs on Twitter

First #educrush meeting at #fallcue!!
Small 4812ef17ce53f7162dcf44e57ee15bc7 ahaughs Over 5 years ago

Podcasting to share.


Fall Cue Day 1 Review

Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

Multimedia Presentations for Teachers and Students


Brandi Miller on Twitter

Had a great session at #FallCUE. Thanks to everyone who came!
Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 5 years ago

Third time is the charm.


judyblakeney on Twitter

@jcorippo starts teaching with a BOOM turn Blooms on its head by creating first #CUErockstar #fallcue
Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago

Tried again, Lucy Thanks!


judyblakeney on Twitter

@CateTolnai rockin' it at #fallcue #cuerockstar #ce15 #tosachat
Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago

Fall Cue, ready for Keynote speaker!


Melinda Hildebrandt on Twitter

Ready for our keynote! #fallcue
Small 7a2f1ad4e5ad2f645e14f9a701251e96 melihildebrandt Over 5 years ago

In the parking lot

Small full 14581726331951857609485 mrsjennarodgers Over 5 years ago