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Leaders develop trust #fallcue and cultivate culture.

Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

Robots for ELA research skills! So much fun too! #FallCue #gobmsbulldogs

Small 6d756dc2dd9b1cb803fc973a2d603039 alexandriajoy Over 5 years ago

I want stinking badges for Teacher PD! Must get this going... #FallCUE

Small d87a65ffa1c5392f214132d63207bb02 jjanzen Over 5 years ago

Third grade team on the way to #fallcue #allrams

Small 0fce73736f4966f4698d5f844dc32346 dperry Over 5 years ago

Revolutionize Argument Writing w/ GAFE today 9:45-11:45 #fallcue Come for fun and resources! D318

Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago
Small 7d37bc922690d3226c53011172523a52 donnakohlruss Over 5 years ago

"You don't fatten a hog by weighing it more often!" - Delaine Eastin #fallcue #allrams

Small 7a2f1ad4e5ad2f645e14f9a701251e96 melihildebrandt Over 5 years ago

"Academics have hijacked education" @marcprensky blowing to roof off the building. #fallcue

Small f4a8b80b447904f826595ecd2a18d83b mrscolbert Over 5 years ago

Ask the people that do the work, what do you want to do? @DelaineEastin #fallcue

Small 6e4af0f17c9da0818e9838f9649d055d kimc Over 5 years ago

Check out this Android character. Make yours at #notthesame #lusded #FallCue

Small 90b388235be035eb83ba8a04d6740a83 kmatson Over 5 years ago

#FallCUE is here! #NorthStateCUE meeting tomorrow! Affiliate paperwork is in! Now what? Let's discuss! Sat, 12:00!

Small fc6c4741bf1fd7cc7fad0c2940c7ba68 msyork Over 5 years ago

#fallcue Going Beyond the Hour of Code

Small 207c75cf9ba007f25643e33a7d6d904d tswan Over 5 years ago