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What is one tip that you would give to other conference presenters or future presenters?

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Small 5378a3f2b7d6976ccdfc80de499d08e8 reyes Over 5 years ago

First Time Presenter

I was a first-time presenter, so I don't know how qualified I am to offer advice. :)

I recommend getting there early and making sure the technology is working. Speak about what you know, be responsive to your audience, and above all: have fun!
Small 56c7801b16fe00beb6d14c643c901b36 dougiefreshtech Over 5 years ago

Check your shared links!

Always make sure your links work and if you are sharing a Google Doc, make sure it is viewable by all and not private.  Could lead to a bad start during your preso.
Small 10805607 10203895800329276 7986148388078575907 n greggeilers Over 5 years ago

Always make it fun and hands on - no sit'n git.

Don't forget to include a short link and QR for your presenter materials. Make each session about the learning. Not about you.
Small image raefearing Over 5 years ago Remember we are all learning together! Embrace the knowledge of youraudience

As a first time presenter, it can be intimidating when someone brings up something you are not familiar with. Embrace it! We are all learning together and that is the power of these events is that everyone has something we can learn from. I learned from my audience as much as they learned from me!
Small 6d756dc2dd9b1cb803fc973a2d603039 alexandriajoy Over 5 years ago

Have fun with your session and be yourself!

Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 5 years ago

Be passionate.

If you believe in what you are presenting, you will shine.  And, I think teachers really want to hear how YOU used or did something in class for real.
Small 7d37bc922690d3226c53011172523a52 donnakohlruss Over 5 years ago

Enthusiasm rubs off

be enthusiastic and others will be too
Small 6e4af0f17c9da0818e9838f9649d055d kimc Over 5 years ago

Let your attendee's have time to play! It is huge if they get hands-on experience!

Small 90b388235be035eb83ba8a04d6740a83 kmatson Over 5 years ago

Check your computer connections, links, and resources before the training.

Be prepared!
Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago

Be concise, have post FallCUE resources.

There is a lot of information presenters like to get a cross to their audience. Presenters need to remember the IO-CUE factor, Information Overload factor. Slow down, cover the main points, and extend the conversations post-CUE. Provide resources for attendees to use when they get home. 
Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

Have everything offline too!

Make sure you download a copy of your presentation before you arrive at the conference, just in case the wifi isn't working as well as you'd like. I always have a backup copy PDF of my slides on my computer that I can scroll through if needed. 
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Over 5 years ago