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Tell us how you will use what you learned

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Write 2-4 sentences detailing the new strategy and how you plan to use it your classroom or school.

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Looking forward to sharing!

I will create summer workshops for my teachers using the information I learned yesterday.
Small 20160318 080647 hshannon About 5 years ago

I will be able to gather information from a Google Form, process it using data analysis, email to parents FormMule, and more!

FormMule and formalas within Google Sheets are really powerful. I will use it in my role as an Instructional coach.
Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago

Google Classroom for Faculty Meetings

I have been training teachers at my school on how to use Google Classroom, and now I'd like to shift our Faculty Meetings to use Google Classroom as the main platform. This would be one place to keep all documents, keep track of what we talk about, and improve workflow. 
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Over 5 years ago

Badges for MY district

I am going to introduce the badges I created in my district.  I REALLY want my teachers to have recognition for the hard work they do in learning how to be proficient in GAFE.   Many of them have to use their OWN time to work on these things, so badging is a little bit of a fist-bump.  I am going to brainstorm a way to roll this out...hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
Small 39b8c91ff89b807d7d3aa4258be5c33a katietechs Over 5 years ago

Explain Everything is a great tool to get kids to make thinking visible. There are many uses that give kids power to share their learning.

Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 5 years ago

Using coding and robots for research skills

My goal this year is to have my students compete in national history day. This requires structured inquiry and hypothesis. I learned several ways to use rubber band robots to teach students how to structure their inquiry and design questions that will prepare them for their own national history day project. And its lots of fun! 
Small 6d756dc2dd9b1cb803fc973a2d603039 alexandriajoy Over 5 years ago

Reading Tic-Tac-Toe

I challenged my students to read from different genres using a tic-tac-toe board with different genres in each square and free choice in the middle with the incentive that a tic-tac-toe would earn three times the extra credit.  They accepted the challenge.  Now I can use badges to keep track of this and the kids can brag about what they've read.
Small 7d37bc922690d3226c53011172523a52 donnakohlruss Over 5 years ago

Going to use garage band to write a song/rap to retell main idea of stories with my 3rd graders and ELD class!

Small 7a2f1ad4e5ad2f645e14f9a701251e96 melihildebrandt Over 5 years ago

Mini-Lesson on education.

This was a quick lesson that was created to make a point with parents and educators. The goal was to demonstrate how passion based learning is a change in paradigm not pedagogy specific. 
Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

I'm learning screencasting tools so I can make flipped classroom style video tutorials for my students.

Small 2378d5778c41273786b9a109bafa3aac professoralger Over 5 years ago

Creating an inspired classroom environment

I am looking to create a system of badges to encourage student led learning in the classroom.  This would range across the spectrum from academics to social to behavior.
Small ee3df09705d16eb43da8ba499f14ecfb moon0408 Over 5 years ago

Looking to gamify learning for tasks to reinforce behaviors/choices I want to see. Also to encourage learning outside or classroom walls.

Small 0bab41e7424030468e81e344cf05d2d0 mrsinclair Over 5 years ago