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Link to an image, video, or screencast that captures a hands-on learning moment at the CUE Fall Conference or soon after.

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Notes from all day Google workshop Yesterday

Google Docs

Heather's CUE Google 2016 Agenda

GWE Beginner/Intermediate Workshop March 17, 2016 | 10:00 - 5:00 Rachel Diephouse & Dan Bennett 10:00 - 10:30 | An EdTech Vision Teach, Not Ban & Embrace the World Creating a Collaborative Culture Requiring Excellence - Austin's Butterfly Amplify Student Voices 10:30 - 11 | Google Classroom...
Small 20160318 080647 hshannon About 5 years ago

Joining John Eick's session on evaluating data using FormMule

Google Docs


Small judy blakeney headshot judyblakeney Over 5 years ago

I learned that I can have students take a picture of their work or something in the classroom, and turn it in directly to Google Classroom!


Mari Venturino on Twitter

TIL I can directly upload a photo go Google Classroom! Thanks @kfairchild6!
Small 61337f057cea4fb1c123ce846569331b mariventurino Over 5 years ago

Very short video made with Explain Everything! Can't wait to use it in depth!

Google Drive


Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 5 years ago

These are the badges I created yesterday as a result of attending the badge/gamification session with Cate Tolnai!!!


WUHSD Teacher Tech Level 1 - Badge List

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Small 39b8c91ff89b807d7d3aa4258be5c33a katietechs Over 5 years ago

rubber band robots!


Alexandria Aiello on Twitter

Robots for ELA research skills! So much fun too! #FallCue
Small 6d756dc2dd9b1cb803fc973a2d603039 alexandriajoy Over 5 years ago

link to twitter with video and information about my hands on learning (robots and bee bots oh my!)


Alexandria Aiello (@msaaiello) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Alexandria Aiello (@msaaiello). Middle School ELA/SS Teacher, Teacher Technology Leader, Google Certified Educator Level 2, National Speech & Debate Coach, PBS Digital Innovator. california
Small 6d756dc2dd9b1cb803fc973a2d603039 alexandriajoy Over 5 years ago

In the session Use Open Badges in your Class Next Week, I learned to make a badge and now I have ideas for so many more. Super excited.


RockStar Readers - Badge List

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Small 7d37bc922690d3226c53011172523a52 donnakohlruss Over 5 years ago

Learned about Garage Band this am!


Melinda Hildebrandt on Twitter

Writing a song about character traits with Garage Band and @billselak! #fallcue
Small 7a2f1ad4e5ad2f645e14f9a701251e96 melihildebrandt Over 5 years ago

I created a Nearpod mini lesson. Very easy and fun.

Small 28ee32c9a2475ff9d43c559636c9d05d askdrbusch Over 5 years ago

Here I am learning to use screencasting tools. Up first, movenote in Google Drive!

Small 2378d5778c41273786b9a109bafa3aac professoralger Over 5 years ago

Gamify It Session Developing our own badges for the classroom

Small ee3df09705d16eb43da8ba499f14ecfb moon0408 Over 5 years ago