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Attend the 2015 CUE Fall Conference.

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Tell us why you chose to attend the 2015 CUE Fall Conference and your hopes and expectations. If you are request a badge during or post-conference, tell us about any memorable learning outcomes!

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Why i came to the CUE

i love teach... i love technology, now to put the together and help out my fellow teachers
Small 11da4af40e5f86a5fbe59f605dcb7645 mastap About 5 years ago

Needed a refresh of my tech skills.

I've been booged down with the integration of digital curriculum tools in my district. I want to get back to the work of encouraging innovation in the classroom.
Small 20160318 080647 hshannon About 5 years ago

Presenting and getting a Gold Disk. :)

Small img 5094 20 2 lisateachestech About 5 years ago

Never miss a chance to attend Fall CUE. Amazing learning and connecting with others.

Small 20c3c6337f16c43dfd387df882020431 jengabor Over 5 years ago

I presented two sessions. Yay CUE!

This is the second year that I attended #fallcue. I presented one session last year and presented two sessions this year.
Small image raefearing Over 5 years ago

I'm so excited to be here to learn from a talented group of educators.

I'm so excited to be here to learn from a talented group of educators. Hoping to grow my PLN to keep the learning going all year!
Small 4812ef17ce53f7162dcf44e57ee15bc7 ahaughs Over 5 years ago

I am so excited to be here with educators that want to know more.

I'm really interested in badging and how it applies to professional development. I really enjoyed the "Can You Hear Me Now?" session on podcasting. Looking forward to starting that.
Small d87a65ffa1c5392f214132d63207bb02 jjanzen Over 5 years ago

At the Stinking Badges session now!

Small abb3ee88f87655b58acafe5c6f82f931 lblass Over 5 years ago

I'm here to share, learn, connect, and grow. I love all the great ideas I'm getting and the chance to meet up with my PLN!

Small c73e03f3c1c572fa71c2bc17504a55c4 teacherbrandi Over 5 years ago

Hoping 2 improve my presentation skills & pickup new tips 4 my teachers & their classrooms. <3 the learning happening amid the grape vines.

Small bf96251b6fc9bc2bce49295ccb342653 techynana Over 5 years ago
I am here, one year beyond my first CUE experience, to represent the north state region! Hoping and experiencing ... all good things for #NorthStateCUE! And, of course, to gain more knowledge in my own classroom. :)

Small fc6c4741bf1fd7cc7fad0c2940c7ba68 msyork Over 5 years ago

2015 CUE Attendee

To become connected with fellow connected educators and to learn new practices to bring back to my class.
Small 207c75cf9ba007f25643e33a7d6d904d tswan Over 5 years ago