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Here is one of the slides I shared for the Smackdown

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Small photo jane-lofton Over 2 years ago

Using MSQRD and Snapchat for initial image. Buncee for more layers, then upload into shared google slide deck.

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Small mcnamara katie section1rep katiemcnamara Over 2 years ago

This is my slide from the smackdown

Preview csla unconference smackdown 2018
Small img 7526 mrsgteach Over 2 years ago

Bias in the media


Rochelle Schmidt on Twitter

Great way for students to see #mediabias! #csla18 #cslauncon #4csla #tlchat
Small 1f3e4640 c1f2 4806 bcf3 19fdcfb89212 librarymom Over 2 years ago

Unconference idea I shared at my table to encourage student motivation about research is to have students research…

Small amanda fall 2017 amandagarza Over 2 years ago

I Shared some of my knowledge on manga and comicbooks

we talked about finding appropriateness of graphic novels when the main audience for graphic novels is mostly adults. 
Small hat sm_wordsmith Over 2 years ago