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#002 Calendar Crack Shot Public Working Group

Collaborate with a great calendar. Coworkers, students, and parents will benefit from your organizational skills.

Required Evidence

Create an event

Go to your calendar and create a new event called "Badge with Melissa" on any date/time. Change the color of the event to bold red. Take a screenshot and upload it here as evidence. More Info

"Find a Time" tool

Open the event you just created. Using the "Find a Time" tool, add Melissa Bradex to the guest list and find a date/time that her calendar is open. Adjust the date/time if needed. Save your changes and be sure to send the invitation. As evidence, describe why this could be a useful tool. More Info


Go into your Calendar settings and change the "Week starts on:" to MONDAY and "Default view" to Month. Save your changes. Take a screenshot of the new week view and post it here as evidence. (You can change it back after that!) More Info

Event Attachment

Go back to the red event to which you invited Melissa. Open the event and attach a file from your Drive that isn't private. As evidence, please explain why attaching a file to an event might be a good idea. More Info

Badge Experts

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